FSG-21 Twins Red Tiger Shin Pads

FSG-21 Twins Red Tiger Shin Pads
FSG-21 Twins Red Tiger Shin Pads FSG-21 Twins Red Tiger Shin Pads
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FSG-21 Twins Red Tiger Shin Pads

Twins Tiger Shin Guards showcase the innovative visual creations of the Twins Brand. They are red and feature a colorful Tiger Design below the Twins logo.

Twins Classic Shin Guards are designed to protect and enhance your lower legs and kicks. They feature a full in-step and heavy duty foam padding for the most protection when blocking and executing kicks and low strikes. They are crafted to withstand the rigorous workouts of world-class fighters.

Made from 100% leather and have a double Velcro strap closure for a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, the Velcro closures allow for easy on and off access when moving between training genres. An elastic strap under the sole of the foot ensures full in-step protection and control.

Twins Fight Gear sets the standard for stitching, functionality, and visual design. Our Shin Protectors are made from premium leather and fine, high density foam padding.

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